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Independent, specialized, and privately owned, Vista Higher Learning’s singular focus is on creating the highest-quality integrated print and digital solutions that meet the needs of all language learners—those learning a new language, improving a second language, or perfecting their native language.

Founded by a native Spanish speaker with experience teaching at the high school and college levels, we rely on the continuous and invaluable feedback of language instructors and students nationwide. This partnership allows us to develop programs that create powerful results for you and your students.

We believe that

It is essential to prepare students for a world in which learning another language is a necessity, not a luxury.

Language learning should be fun and rewarding, and all students should have the tools they need to achieve success.

Students who experience success learning a language will be more likely to continue their language studies both inside and outside the classroom.

Who we are

The specialized teams at Vista Higher Learning dedicate 100% of our resources and energy to developing content and technology to empower and inspire lifelong learning.

By focusing on our passion, we let you focus on yours.

Find your representative

Our sales representatives assist you to find the best solutions for your language classes and literacy programs, based on your needs and the goals and outcomes identified for your students.

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